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RepRap Electronics all-in-one quiet modular enclosure case

Build a low cost customizable 3D Printer Power Supply & Electronics enclosure. This is a modular design which can be configured multiple ways to utilize the plentifully low cost (<$30) 360watt power supplies used on many RepRap 3D printers. The power supply used, should match the reference STL model of the Power Supply available on Thingiverse. The standard 40mm high speed noisy fan has been replaced by a quiet large 120mm fan. Optionally, additional boards can be encased in this enclosure, such as: Arduino / Ramps boards, Raspberry Pi board/camera, etc…. The idea is to pick and choose the components to print, then build a customized electronics unit for a 3D printer … with only minimal remixing and/or making of specialized board brackets. The Raspberry Pi module, enables the use of OctoPi, a fantastic OpenSource 3D printer interface with remote access and camera integration.

OPEN SOURCEdownload 3D Printable STL files from the BigCooter Thingiverse page

OctoPi software download page

Raspberry Pi SSH remote access config info page

Marlin firmware for arduino download page

Design Overview:

  • Make from standard Switching Power Supply (12 or 24V, 360W)
  • one 120mm cooling fan – low speed, low noise … LED lights look great!
  • modular design – stacking & add on elements
  • board mounts for Arduino / Ramps & Raspberry Pi B+ / 2 / 3  boards, camera etc..

Additional modules are coming, and I encourage others to develop their own compatible modules to share.

All screws used are metric thread M3 stainless steel button head socket cap screws. Screws thread into plastic parts, BigCooter suggests tapping plastic holes to M3, and sizing through holes to 3.1 to 3.3mm diameter.

Currently available modules and components (click links below to locate low cost electronic components)
> Start with 360W DC power supply – remove top cover
> USB 12V power (for Raspberry Pi and other applications)
> Raspberry Pi with camera
> 7″ LCD display
> 120mm silent cooling fan
> RAMPS 1.4 / Arduino
> 120V cord outlet / on-off switch
> 30amp heat-bed relay (recommended for RepRap machines w/RAMPS 1.4, prevents over-heating failures / fires, OMG!!!)
> Base Cooling Vent / wire router
> Multiple Channel Relays
> pigtail jumper cables, extend out of unit for making connections

Suggestions for New Modules (link to here & Thingiverse page  if you develop any):
> Large base, for more stability
> Graphical LCD display
> Mount for BigCooter 7″ LCD Display (see on Thingiverse.com)


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