Porsche 996TT Billet Turbo Stage 2 Upgrade

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assembled package, ready to replace stock heat shields and rear body shell

assembled package, ready to replace stock heat shields and rear body shell

I recently was interested in increasing the engine performance on my newly acquired Porsche 996TT. After much online review of available packages and experiences, I decided on a package that utilized the stock K16 turbo housings since this would minimize the installation effort and provided a sensible price / performance point. Power increase is in the 100-150hp range. The small K16 turbos have low lag compared to other upgrade options using larger heavier turbos.

My package was purchased from Sam Ahdoot samahdoot@gmail.com at By Design. ┬áSam was awesome, putting together a great package price and instant support via phone & text. FYI – there is an entire support thread for this upgrade package at the 6SpeedOnline Forum. This was the first time I had ever wrenched on a Porsche, and I did help sorting out a few portions of the install. The package component grouping is very similar to what many performance retailers refer to as “Stage 2”:

> Kline Stainless Exhaust & 200 cell Cats
> GT2 K16 Billet Turbos & TiAL Wastegates
> Wagner Intercoolers & Silicone Hoses
> 5psi Fuel Pressure Regulator
> Cobb Access Port V3 – Stage 2 map 93oct
> Tune-up parts: coils, plugs, fuel filter


Stock appearance maintained

This car has the Automatic Triptronic transmission, no upgrades were required (manual cars would need a clutch upgrade to handle the additional power). The Tial Billet K16 turbo is a remanufactured K16 turbo unit, where they have installed a larger diameter and taller CNC billet impeller. This turbo has been paired with a high quality Tial wastegate, which is adjustable via spring replacement.

Resulting performance improvement was outstanding … boardering on scary!

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