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    BigCooter 7″ LCD Touch Screen Monitor

    Perfect for running OctoPi (Pi version of OctoPrint) on your 3D printer, a low cost 7″ touch screen LCD display with HDMI for interfacing with the Raspberry Pi. NEW Picatinny Rail Mount System option. Case designed for low cost electronics: > 7″ AT070TN92 LCD  (16:9 ratio) > HDMI+VGA+2AV LCD control board,  LVDS, chipset  RTD2660H > […]

  • 3D Printing
    Getting started 3D Printer Project build it yourself DIY

    “Do It Yourselfers” never had it so easy, online resources today enable people to easily start & complete projects unimaginable just 10 years ago. However, the challenge today is over coming project paralysis created by an over abundance of online data, options, and design variations that are available for download. Recently many 3D design file […]

  • Events
    Power Products FULL mod AH82 (145cc)

    Full modification project on a Power Products AH82 racing kart engine, circa 1960. This was a time consuming project, which involved collecting many old components and fabricating hop up parts. All work was done using hand operating machining equipment, and stylized somewhat to be period correct for how these motors were modified back around 1960. […]

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    Replacing points with ignition module

    Ignition points and condensor can be replaced on older kart motors with universal ignition modules. Sometimes setting up points, or even finding them can be a hassle … and then there is the reliability factor… one solution is to use an ignition module instead. The vintage appearance of your engine will be unaffected with a […]

  • machine shop
    Digital readouts

    Here is a low cost idea for a home milling machine. A Korean company called Rong Fu, developed several inexpensive Mill Drill machines a number of years ago. Those machines were cloned and/or sold under various brand names, but all looked and worked about the same. Today these type Mill Drill machines can be found […]

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    Invader Dual Build – the ultimate C-Open ride

    Building a kart can be a time consuming financial drain, this build was no exception! Major components included: a reproduction Lake Speed Invader Dual chassis & fuel tank Covico stainless steel steering wheel K299 IAME B-Bomb engines (yes, 2 of them) w/dual HL360 alky carbs reproduction pipes, custom made by RLV Digatron custom programed dual […]

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    Brake project

    The early days of karting were full of many homemade one-off designs, as talented machinists were attracted to the opportunity karting presented for spinning their best ideas into something new to try at the racetrack the next weekend. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, designs were hand drawn on paper and machined manually on […]