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Kraken Mod Box Vape

Get Kraken!  As commercial vapes move toward cheap, boring and frustrating to use devices … enter The Kraken!

The Kraken is the easiest to use 3 power level vape on the market .. dual fire buttons provide instant control of 3 available pre-programmed power levels:  50, 100 and 150 watts!   The standard 510 connector accepts standard sub-ohm vaporizers. Performance is derived from a long lasting 5700mAh Lipo hard case 25C high current 3.7V battery. This unit lets you run all those great  coils that are Less Than 0.3 ohm … 0.1 to 0.2 ohm works great.

A large volt meter displays both voltage drop during use and battery voltage after firing. The Kraken fire control is achieved through an Arduino Pro-Mini processor coupled with PWM control of DUAL 7034 Mosfets. Depressing top fire bottom is Low Power, pressing only the lower button is Medium Power .. and depressing both buttons is FULL unregulated cloud chasing craziness!

Also included is a uniquely designed Lipo hard case battery charger, based on the popular TP4056 board. This unit is perfect for charging the battery when removed from the vape. FYI – the 1S hard case Lipo battery is sold by R/C Hobby stores, in a 2 pack configuration (intended for R/C car use) .. so, about $15 buys a battery and a spare to sit on the charger, very convenient  & affordable. A cost performance improvement over the typical 18650 cells used in many Mod Boxes today … but if you want to use those 18650 cells, most dual battery sleds will fit in the same space within The Kraken!

The “book style” front / back covers are attached using rare earth magnets, firmly held in place, but easily removable without any tools.

The Kraken main components are 3D printed. The finished cover pieces are printed in Wood PLA, stained and shellac coated. about 10 hours of hand sanding and finishing work is required to achieve the appearance seen in the photos here. The main frame body is 3D printed in high temperature PETG material. All electrical wiring is must be done by hand. This is NOT a commercial mass produced unit, but rather a time consuming handmade endeavor … that people will notice!

Interested in Purchasing a kit to make The Kraken & charger? if there is some interest, I might offer unfinished kits for sale …contact:  BigCooter@BigCooter.com … if interested. (vaporizer unit is not included, leadtime 4 weeks)

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