Invader Dual Build – the ultimate C-Open ride

Building a kart can be a time consuming financial drain, this build was no exception! Major components included:

a reproduction Lake Speed Invader Dual chassis & fuel tank

  • Covico stainless steel steering wheel
  • K299 IAME B-Bomb engines (yes, 2 of them) w/dual HL360 alky carbs
  • reproduction pipes, custom made by RLV
  • Digatron custom programed dual display digital gauge (CHT & RPM – for each engine)
  • MCP billet brake master cylinders (3) and calipers (2 front & 2 rear)
  • Custom design/fabricated brake bias control and front brake caliper hub mount system
  • Douglas one piece wheels with Bridgestone YKC tires
  • Tillet T8 seat
  • reproduction FEY quick change sprocket hubs (produced by Greg’s Speed Shop)
  • Burco clutches with custom billet covers that incorporate oversize needle bearings

The back axle components can be seen here during the basement build phase. The FEY repro hubs are fully CNC machined and anodized

, great sprocket hubs. The rear calipers used are MCP billet calipers, which were installed with dual plastic brake lines.

Below is the custom brake bias control, fabricated from 301 Stainless steel. This unique design balances 2 rear master cylinders (seperate brake systems for safety), and one front master cylinder. This is essentially a 50/50 balance bar mounted on an adjustable balance bar. The rear master cylinders are on the 50/50 bar, and that bar and the front master cylinder is on the adjustable balance bar (knob on right side).

The front MCP billet calipers are mounted with a custom designed hub system. The caliper is on a 4130 steel bracket that attaches to a keyed moveable aluminum clamp which slides inside the disc hub. The wheels can be moved in or out, and the caliper can be manually positioned and locked down in place for perfect centering on disc.




Component Sketches / Drawings:

invader_throttle_linkage adjuster






This kart replaced my older vintage C-Open racing kart, which was featured in the popular YouTube video below. This new Invader kart is 50lbs lighter than my older Margay kart in this video .. much faster laptimes.


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