Power Products FULL mod AH82 (145cc)

Full modification project on a Power Products AH82 racing kart engine, circa 1960. This was a time consuming project, which involved collecting many old components and fabricating hop up parts. All work was done using hand operating machining equipment, and stylized somewhat to be period correct for how these motors were modified back around 1960. The finished motor exceeded my expectations, ran very smooth with gobbs of low end torque (a pleasure to drive with a low rpm engaging dry clutch). Unfortunately, the cylinder wall liner broke out around the transfers after about 4 hours of run time, part 2 will be the insertion of a quality cylinder liner (the old cast iron sleeves are just too weak to use in a modified motor like this).

First startup of project engine, built by 145cc bored out, boost ported, flowed, billet spherical combustion chamber head, mount girdle system to hold it together, dual McCulloch carbs with velocity stacks, pyramid reed cages, Mega-Fire style ignition module, and Max Torque custom made racing clutch … ready for vintage karting competition or show!

Practice Delmar Sept 26, 2013, VKA vintage karting event. Testing recently completed highly modified AH-82 Power Prouducts (Techumseh today) 1960 era kart racing motor. Dual Tillotson carburetors with pyramid reeds, custom cylinder head, Mega-fire ignition module, ported, tie bar system to contain head, cylinder and crankcase. Kart is a 1960 Fox Go-Boy racing kart. Engine is about 140cc , estimated 15hp at 7,000rpm. Easily passing McCulloch and West Bend vintage kart engines during practice … but then the cylinder liner fatigued and broke out around the transfer ports, the end of a great ride .. back to the shop.

VKA vintage karting event held Sept 27-28, 2013. Track: 61 KARTWAY located at 1580 Old Highway 61, Delmar, Iowa.

more photos / videos at VKA website

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