• 3D Printing
    Kraken Mod Box Vape

    Get Kraken!  As commercial vapes move toward cheap, boring and frustrating to use devices … enter The Kraken! The Kraken is the easiest to use 3 power level vape on the market .. dual fire buttons provide instant control of 3 available pre-programmed power levels:  50, 100 and 150 watts!   The standard 510 connector accepts […]

  • 3D Printing
    M3 Insert Tool

    M3 Insert Tool for 900M-T type soldering irons M3 Insert Tool Specs used with M3 x 4mm long x 4mm diameter brass inserts – readily available / low cost 6.3mm OD, 4.0mm ID 15mm extension length (beyond soldering iron – allows deep insertions) interchangeable with 900M-T size soldering tips used with controlled temperature soldering irons

  • 3D Printing
    Low Cost Depth Gage

    A neat low cost digital depth gage, many possible uses. Note there are many similar appearing gages available .. some are really only for tire tread depth measurement, while other versions have typical gage mounting features for use in many gaging applications.  

  • 3D Printing
    Vidit360.com >> a Mobius 360 Panoramic Camera kit!!!

    Vidit360 is a DIY panoramic 360 video camera, based on the highly popular Mobius M1 C2 camera. It is possibly the lightest & smallest 4K 360 camera in the World today .. weighing in at only 120 grams.  Vidit360 incorporates a special low profile Quad mini USB connector system with FOUR FPV live feeds, imagine the […]

  • 3D Printing
    LED Light Bar 3D Printer

    LED light bar project for 3D Printer … illuminating the print bed for improved visibility and use of cameras! Purchase pair LED 200mm light bar less than 6 bucks! Download printable STL files at Thingiverse

  • Porsche
    Porsche 996TT Billet Turbo Stage 2 Upgrade

    11 videos in playlist video player below (click icon in upper left corner for video drop down): I recently was interested in increasing the engine performance on my newly acquired Porsche 996TT. After much online review of available packages and experiences, I decided on a package that utilized the stock K16 turbo housings since this […]

  • 3D Printing
    RepRap Electronics all-in-one quiet modular enclosure case

    Build a low cost customizable 3D Printer Power Supply & Electronics enclosure. This is a modular design which can be configured multiple ways to utilize the plentifully low cost (<$30) 360watt power supplies used on many RepRap 3D printers. The power supply used, should match the reference STL model of the Power Supply available on […]

  • 3D Printing
    12-24V to 5V USB Dongle

    A dongle housing assembly for powering USB devices from a 12-24V DC power supply (3D Printer). This design utilizes a low cost (<$3) KIS3R33S Module normally used with Arduino boards. Buy the converter boards here for Cheap!!!….

  • 3D Printing
    Raspberry Pi OctoPi OctoPrint case w/camera

    BigCooter uniquely designed STL files have been open sourced (FREE), and can be downloaded at Thingaverse Raspberry Pi case with camera case and adjustable mount. Links can be added to the camera mount arm to extend it as desired. The case includes mount holes and boss for attached directly to Open Beam OB1515 extrusion material. […]